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When Do I Need an Interpreter?
              Take the guesswork out of communication!

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An interpreter may be used any time communication is occurring between people who do not share the same language. Interpreters play an intricate role ensuring communication is both accessible and effective.

Can YOU afford to miss 70 to 75 percent of any conversation?
Did you know that only 25 to 30 percent of the spoken words can be lip read due to their phonetic uniqueness and lip reading their words becomes guesswork. Make your communication effective. Call us — we can help!

Interpreters hold a position of trust in their role as linguistic and cultural mediators.

Integrity, professionalism, attitude and image are important core values
to CODA Link, Inc.

  • <strong>EXAMPLES...</strong> Here are some examples of when an interpreter can make a world of difference!
  • <strong>MEDICAL...</strong> When it comes to your health, you need to be sure that you understand absolutely everything!
  • <strong>LEGAL SITUATIONS...</strong> These are times when every word carries an important meaning. Make sure you miss nothing!
  • <strong>HOSPITAL/EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS...</strong> When it comes to your children's healthcare, every little nuance is important!
  • <strong>EMPLOYMENT...</strong> Finding a job in today's economy is difficult enough. Make it easy on yourself -- bring an interpreter with you!
  • <strong>RELIGIOUS EVENTS and CEREMONIES...</strong> Don't miss a word of the deeper meaning in your religious leader's sermon.
  • <strong>CONFERENCES/CONVENTIONS...</strong> A conference such as this is one of the most difficult to follow! We can help!
  • <strong>RECREATION...</strong> A vacation is so much fun -- but it's even better when you can participate in ALL the activities!
  • <strong>EDUCATION...</strong> A typical, fast-paced learning environment. Can you keep up? Let us help you make the grade!
  • <strong>GOVERNMENT AGENCIES...</strong> Dealing with a government agency is difficult enough -- even for the hearing!
  • <strong>BUSINESS MEETINGS</strong> can be technically complicated; lipreading only makes it more difficult to follow!
  • <strong>MENTAL HEALTH...</strong> Don't leave anything to chance -- be sure that you understand every word!
  • <strong>SOCIAL SERVICES...</strong> Getting help from Social Services? Please don't take a change that you'll miss out on anything!
  • <strong>TRAINING...</strong> Taking notes at a training seminar? Make sure you understand every point being made!
  • <strong>WORKSHOPS...</strong> Someone in this picture is not comprehending -- don't let that someone be you!
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