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You are very important to us at CODA Link, Inc. and we value your feedback.  We strive to ensure you are extremely satisfied with the services we provide.  Please take a moment to complete this survey. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of interpreting services .

1. You were able to schedule an interpreter in a reasonable period of time.
2.   If you made your request online, was the response timely and accurate?
3.   The interpreter was on time.
4.   The interpreter was professional and dressed appropriate for the assignment.
5.   The interpreter communicated well with you.
6.   Overall, the services provided met your expectations.
7.   The rates for our services were reasonable.
8.   You would use CODA Link, Inc. for your future sign language interpreting needs.
9.   You would recommend us to others.
10.   Please provide any additional information which might help us provide you with outstanding service.
11.   May we have your permission to share your thoughts on our Testimonials page?
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