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CODA Link, Inc. would like some feedback regarding the interpreting services we provided for your appointment. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality interpreting service. The information received from this form will be used to better serve you and meet your needs. If you would prefer to discuss your feedback with the Executive Director, Donna Fernandez, directly, please provide your VP number and she will be in contact with you. Please answer questions 1 through 10, or respond to the question below, as well as question number 1, to have our director contact you.

Do you prefer to have Donna Fernandez call you directly to obtain feedback?
If you answered "yes" above, please provide your VP number...  
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1. In the following box, please list your name and contact information, the interpreter's name, date of assignment, and where the assignment took place...
2.   The interpreter arrives on time.
3.   The interpreter acts in a professional manner. (i.e. maintains confidentiality, respects all consumers, dresses appropriately, understands Deaf culture, etc.)
4.   The interpreter uses signs that I understand.
5.   The interpreter understands my signing style.
6.   The interpreter fingerspells clearly.
7.   The interpreter uses proper facial expressions and body language for me.
8.   What did the interpreter do well? What did you like about the interpreter?
9.   What can the interpreter do to improve the experience for you?
10.   Overall, how did you feel about this interpreting experience?
Thank you for your time in completing this form!
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